Dominic is TWO!

As if time didn’t seem to go by fast enough with the holidays, I’m reminded again how fast the years are flying by. You’re now two.
You’ve been in our lives for two whole years now, and I’ve never known a better life. You make us laugh with your silly antics so much and make us re-appreciate the little things that make the every day worthwhile. Our hearts fill with joy whenever we see your cutie face.

Now, you love to dance. You just love a good beat, even if that beat is just us whisking pancake batter. You still love fruit, but you call them out by name now – strawberr, grape, blueburbs, and bananana. You have a growing passion for cars just like your daddy. You like to examine the wheels and make them race. They’re scattered all over the house, and I fear one day one of us is going to slip and fall because of it. I try to clean them up but either you get mad or you scatter them all over again afterwards. You love trains – especially the Thomas and Friends trains. Your favorite show right now is Paw Patrol, but we limit it to a few episodes a night because otherwise you’d watch it all day I’m sure.


Most of all, you show more love for us now than ever before. I’ve adored watching you grow this year. You’re happy when you wake up to me then when you look over to see daddy still in bed, you are filled with glee. You love when we’re all together, and it reminds me how valuable every moment that we’re together as a family is. See, you teach us something every day too.

We’re so excited to watch you continue to grow, but try not to grow too fast because, well, mommy can’t handle it.  We love you, baby.

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