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These past few weeks have been a little heartbreaking.

I am not a perfect human being.  I make mistakes.  In the bucket of mistakes, I am willing to also include things like the fact that I use plastic.  That’s a mistake.  I do consciously try to limit my usage, but I use it nonetheless.  Society has made it difficult NOT to use it.

Somehow it seems like a lot of people don’t want to accept or realize that using plastic is actually a bad thing.  Or littering.  Or tampering with nature.  Or consuming a lot.  So many people don’t think about it because society has made it “normal.”

I see people online fighting passionately for human and animal rights, but rarely anything for the planet’s rights.  It has the right to live and breath freely too.  If the planet one day is no longer live-able because we chose not to consider it, what are we even fighting for?

I decided to write this really because I share things from time to time on Facebook, and of course when people see something they like or something they’re interested in, they click “like.”  Well, funny articles will get about 15 likes, photos of my family get maybe 30 likes, photos of Dominic get maybe 30 likes, but when I share something regarding the well-being of our planet, I get maybe 2 likes?  It leaves me speechless every time.  And I feel heartbroken.

Here’s a few articles I’ve shared in the past few weeks:

Articles like these can be overwhelming, but we can help little by little. Be aware. Don’t wait for the people with money and power to do it because it may never happen.  That’s our reality.

I don’t know if any of this has gotten your attention, but if it has, all I ask is that you try to do at least one thing to leave a positive impact on the planet.  ONE thing.  If every human on the planet committed to doing one thing to help preserve our planet for us and future generations, it would make a such a significant difference.  Together it’ll impact the bigger picture.  Need ideas?  Check out this page:

Some people have a big heart for very specific causes.  I guess this is mine for me.  It’s something I want to teach and constantly remind my child – that we are part of a much bigger picture, and that we need to pay attention to that too.  We need to be more conscious about our decisions.  It’s something I’m still working on every day myself, and I’m always learning and realizing something new that our family can contribute.   I want so much for him to appreciate the world around us beyond all of the man-made structures and human interventions on the environment.  There’s so much natural beauty around us, and it’s sadly so easy to forget.


A few things I’ve committed to do:

  1. Find a second use for anything plastic.
  2. Reduce the usage of plastic straws.  I often get my “soda fountain” drinks without a lid or straw.
  3. For gardening, at least 90% of my plants need to be drought-friendly.
  4. Eat less meat.  Dedicate at least a meal a day that doesn’t include any meat to help conserve water and reduce usage of other resources involved in factory farming.
  5. Consume less.  Purchase with intention and not on impulse (a problem I’ve had for many years).
  6. Buy more second-hand to reduce the usage of new resources and contribution of extra waste (packaging, etc).

I hope this inspires somehow or at least has exposed something interesting and new into your life.  We all play a part in this big world.  I hope you can pitch in and do one thing to help keep it going.

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