Day 7 Check-In

It’s currently day 7 in the new household — yes, we’ve finally moved in.  It’s been ridiculously busy.  We’ve redone some details, painted the walls, and changed the floors.  It was about time!

We’ve been buying small things here and there just to make life a little more comfortable.  Who knew a soap dispenser was such a luxury?  We were pouring soap into our hands from the bottle for a few days to wash our hands.  It’s mind-boggling how nice it was to get a soap dispenser.

Day 7 has been pretty iconic.  We bought our first piece of furniture – a casual dining set (sitting at it right now!), and we bought a couch and formal dining set which will get delivered later.  We also bought our washer and dryer (woo!) which will be here later too.  After that, we’re good to go!  All the remaining stuff can wait.

You know what else is mind-boggling?  All the crappola you can build up in a year.  Where did all of this stuff come from?  Why do I have so many SHOES??  I mean, I knew I had a lot of shoes, but there were some indoors and some in the garage.  Once I got them all together, I felt a little disgusted with myself.  Both of us still have stuff left at our parents’ homes too — knick knacks and memorabilia.  Oh, and don’t even get me started on photos and craft supplies…

Nonetheless, it’s been quite a journey already.  I am ever so thankful.  It’s going to be fun turning this house more into a home for the remainder of the year… and into 2014.

Housewarming gift from my mom sitting on top of our table and against beautifully bare walls 🙂
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