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Date Night at Dolby Theatre

I know people who hire a babysitter each week to nourish the marriage. I know people who tell me that choosing to have a child meant leaving those old days behind.

Why would having a child mean nurturing your relationship with your spouse a thing of the past?

When my husband and I got married, at one point during our wedding ceremony, our reverend asked us to face each other and tell each other 6 words that have stuck with me everyday. We looked at each other in the eyes and said “You are my number one priority.”  I know some people will debate this once they have kids, but it’s something I really believe in. I believe that it’s important to constantly nourish our marriage because we will be the ones to set the example for our children for what a working marriage looks like. Not to mention, one day when our kids are grown and move on with their lives, we don’t want to find ourselves in the position where we are looking at each other as if we’re strangers since our roles as caretakers for our children no longer applies. We should always be our own working unit aside from being a mother and a father so we don’t lose sight of us.

That all said, our date nights are still fairly rare. We do make the effort, but it’s hard sometimes to find sitters that we really trust (or really that Dominic is comfortable with) that are available.  On this past fateful Sunday, my parents basically offered to watch Dominic and we were scrambling to find something to do.  See, on Thursday we were considering going to the Trevor Noah show, but my parents had plans. When those plans were canceled and they offered to watch Dominic, the tickets had sold out. It was a bummer because we wanted to do something more than just dinner.

It’s been a while since we treated ourselves out – like, REALLY treated ourselves out – to something beyond movie tickets.  We were staring at some pricier tickets on StubHub for the show, and eventually Tristan said to just book it. So, yeah, 4 hours before the show was to start, we decided to purchase the tickets and started getting ready!

I was really hyped.  Once we got in the car, I just felt so happy and excited because it has been (what feels like) forever since we did anything spontaneous, and it was so, so refreshing.  Normally, if we do anything without Dominic, everything is planned weeks in advance.  On top of that, besides doing a quick tour of the Dolby Theatre, we had never actually done anything there.  I was really excited!

Here’s some photos of our fun, spontaneous, and much-needed date night!

Dolby Theatre is located in the Hollywood & Highland complex, and there’s plenty of shops and eateries there.  We decided to grab some drinks and an appetizer at Hard Rock Cafe.  Clearly it was a big night for us.  We went straight for the tequila!


Love him!  These are the steps the celebrities walk up to get into the theatre during the awards.
When you’re at the complex, there are pillars on each side with the “Movie of the Year” winners from every Academy Awards.
The entrance and us inside one of the elevators. Haha
Views from inside the venue.  There are 5 floors and each floor has a full bar!


We had so much fun enjoying each other’s company and laughing our stresses away.  We became fans of Trevor Noah once we saw his comedy on Netflix before he took over The Daily Show.  He’s just not your average comedian since he brings up a lot of relevant and current events making his shows almost educational rather than just straight out ridiculous haha.  It’s refreshing!  A lot of this night was just overall very good for our souls.
To all of the parents of the world – make time for date night, and treat yourselves every once in a while.  It’s a great way to recharge and remember why you’re where you are in this season of life in the first place.

Dolby Theatre | 6801 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028

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  • Reply Ashley Daley

    This looks so fun! I'll have to check this out next time we're in CA!

    October 20, 2016 at 12:36 pm
    • Reply Vy

      Yes! It's pretty cool! I know they have other shows here sometimes. There was a Cirque show before that I wish I got to see.

      October 22, 2016 at 5:41 am

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