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Coronado Island

I brought up yesterday that Tristan and I have a soft spot for the city of San Diego. The first time we were here as a couple, we had only been dating for 6 months.  We knew then more than ever that we were awesome travel partners.  I mean, we both pack light and we both love to be on-the-go.  We love to see and experience new things whether or not they were already on the itinerary.


One of the places we visited back then was Coronado Island.  I completely fell in love with this place.  We haven’t been able to go to San Diego quite as often as we would’ve liked, but since we were staying for the weekend for my friend’s engagement shoot, I knew I wanted to make another visit to this charming island.


Coronado can be reached by taking the Coronado Bay Bridge from Downtown San Diego.  Here’s the hubster happily driving his Subaru across the bridge.  You can spot it in the distance as it curves.

We had an early morning start, so our first stop had to be breakfast. Thanks to Yelp, Tristan found this cute little creperie called Fabrison’s French Creperie Cafe.  We had the So-Cal breakfast crepe which came with a cup of fruit and ordered an extra side order of fruit.  We had a hefty dinner the night before, so we decided to just have fruit and split the crepe to take it easy.  Oh, that garlic aoli was amazing with the crepe.  So delicious! Service was just perfect too.  I actually think our waiter was French…

After breakfast, we stopped by the visitor center to see if there was anything interesting.  Somehow, at the last minute, we just changed our minds and walked through a gift shop instead.  It was random, but it’s always fun to check out quirky, local gifts.  It was also nice to get out of the heat!

After some window shopping, we hopped back into the car and tried to find the next stop.  I really wanted to go to Hotel Del Coronado again, but we still had a lot of time before we had to go do other things so we needed to fill in the space — and preferable not with eating more food!  I found out about Centennial Park on TripAdvisor which mentioned that it offered a great view of Downtown San Diego.  Oh, if you know me, I love a good skyline.  Off we went!

Centennial Park was a cute little park with a walkway along the water.  It’s connected to a small pier for fishing and ferry rides, as well as a charming little beachside shopping center where we got to see people exhibiting and selling their art.  Best of all, the entire walkway really does give you the perfect view of Downtown.  What a great little gem.





Don’t mind us…

If it weren’t for the 100 degree heat wave, we probably would’ve spent more time here.  It’s definitely on our list for the next time we’re back!

Our final stop on the island was Hotel Del Coronado.  Last time we were here, we just walked around on the beaches, but this time, we decided to check out the inside.

Hotel Del (as it’s also called), is a beachfront luxury hotel built back in 1888.  When it was first built, it was known as the largest hotel in the world!  It’s been designated a national historic monument and is the second largest wooden structure in the United States.

Inside, the hotel really makes you feel like you took a step into the past with beautiful architectural design and details.  Tristan said he felt like he has just stepped onto the Titanic.  It was that majestic.  There were rows and rows of shops, old school elevators, and a lobby with a giant chandelier hanging from the top.  Just beautiful.

Outside, you’ll find one of my favorite beaches in the state.  The sand is amazingly soft – I swear it’s like silk between your toes.  The best part?  It shimmers gold in the sun!  I couldn’t get a great photo of it (how do you guarantee to catch shimmer?), but I hope the below gives you a decent sample.  It’s not reflections of the water you’re seeing – it’s gold shimmer!  Some things just can’t be justified through a photo…

Another thing I love about this beach is that there are tidepools for when you’re feeling a little more adventurous. We saw some fishes and crabs here.  I already caught myself imagining bringing our baby boy here and having him find sea critters… and hopefully not putting them in his pocket. 🙂


Can you notice the gold ripples in the sand above?
Anyhow, I just wanted to share our little day trip to this city because it really is worth seeing.  Tristan and I enjoy taking time to step out of the usual city life scenes and see what the state really has to offer, and Coronado Island is definitely one of those gems you can’t afford to miss.  Maybe one day we’ll make a weekend getaway here.  Maybe. 🙂
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