Prepared Childbirth Class

Tristan and I completed our Childbirth Prep Classes this past Monday.  It was a series of 3 classes that taught us what to expect during labor, breathing techniques, massage techniques (for the partner/coach), pros/cons of medical procedures if we chose to take them, and things to expect postpartum.  I know I said to take lots of baby classes, but after doing research about all of the classes that were offered, we figured it only made sense to take this one.  It’s a series of 3 classes, so it still counts, right? 🙂

Even though I’ve been reading like a madwoman about all of these things online, I felt like I was able to really grasp more of it when it was taught and all of the contraptions were shown in person.  It really is nice to disconnect and have that human interaction.  Husband found it really informative and helpful as well.

Some people ask if it was really necessary to take the classes, but it’s definitely helped ease some of my anxiety.  Can’t deny that new experiences can seriously be anxiety inducing, especially the new experience of becoming a PARENT.  It’s crazy.  In about 4 weeks (more or less), Tristan’s and my life are going to be changed forever.  That sounds so cliche, but is there really any denying it? 🙂

For all I know, once the big contractions kick in, everything we learned may go flying out the door.  If anything, it definitely helped make sure that we were both on the same page.  We’re in this together.  Communication will be key when the little one decides to make his debut, and I think we got that part down straight.

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