The Chen Family / Newborn Session

I haven’t posted any of my portraits in a while.

I took a break for a bit, somehow finding my nemesis called “self doubt” talking to me.  Then, from just some random thoughts in the middle of the night I remembered the phrase, “Do more of what you love.” It started to play over and over in my head to the point where I realized that self doubt doesn’t change what I love to do.

My portraits aren’t perfect; I’m still learning and still exploring, but you know what? I love it. For the moments where I didn’t think I had any “real” talent, I realized that couldn’t be possible when I had friends asking me to take their photos and even offering to pay me for the talent I didn’t believe I had. When I see photos I took displayed in pretty frames or blown up to decorate their homes, it made me feel like I did something right in this world, and it was with a hobby that I seriously enjoy doing.  This mysterious talent somehow added value to people’s lives in a very indefinite way which made me think, “Why am I letting this hobby go idle?”

So, here I am. Back to learning, back to growing, back to doing something that I really love.

Anyway, on to the session…

My friend Amy and I have a long history together, so you can imagine my joy when she asked if I could come and take photos of her new baby (my nephew!). I am so in love. Many of my closest friends are now becoming mothers, and it’s been an overwhelming feeling watching and hearing about them going through the trials and tribulations of those first weeks of motherhood. Somehow even my love for my friends have grown even more (who knew there was so much space in one heart?).

Meet my newest little nephew, Parker.

These little booties traveled all over Europe while she was pregnant.  Now they’re on his little toesies <3

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