Celebrity Parents are Normal?

So, I have an odd guilty pleasure as a new parent. It’s nothing really weird, but I get really happy watching interviews of celebrities who are also new parents. Funny thing is (or conveniently so), there are so many new parents in Hollywood right now so it seems like there’s a new interview to indulge in fairly often. Yeah, I don’t even tune into the shows. I just watch these snippets online!

I’ve always loved seeing celebrities be completely normal. Having a baby is a completely normal thing to do. Money doesn’t change growing a baby or birthing a baby. Money doesn’t change the milestones of a baby or the baby’s understanding of the world. We all go through the same basic stuff as parents. Of course, how we handle it all is different, but it’s fun to see how we all struggle with the same baby issues.
Anyway, here’s some of my favorite new-parent-celebrity interviews so far.Thought maybe you guys might enjo these too, so… Enjoy!
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