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Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels

This past weekend, we got to visit the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels for my cousin’s son’s baptism.  It’s located in Downtown Los Angeles and probably one of the last buildings you would suspect to be a cathedral.  It is lavish, and it is modern.  It blends in with the location well what with MOCA and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in the same vicinity.  Downtown L.A. is one of my husband’s and my favorite places in the county, but we never really took the time to see this building.  It was a great opportunity!

The cathedral was massive.  High ceilings, hanging lights, amazing tapestries, and an organ you cannot miss.  Baptism takes place in the back of the church where we were, but it is essentially one large open cathedral.  Outside, you will find fountains and a kids area.  Apparently it also is the place for a mausoleum.  They offer free tours of the entire cathedral grounds if you’re interested; we decided not to, but perhaps we’ll go back and get a better look at everything.  Clearly, it’s quite the location for a baby baptism.

I didn’t take many photos outside although I really wish I did in retrospect. For interesting tidbits, photos, and service schedules:

Cathedral of our Lady of Angels | 555 W Temple St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

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