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    [foodventure] Isla Mujeres Roundup

    Often times when people hear about a vacation in Mexico, they think all-inclusive resort. Well, we’re the odd ones that don’t really enjoy all-inclusives because they take away from the culture you could be experiencing. I mean, why fly to a new country and not try to learn more about the land and the people? Of course, to each their own.

    On that same note though, we try to venture out a lot when it comes to eating during travel. We’ll try food from “hole in the walls,” to street food, to formal restaurants. It was unfortunate that some places we wanted to revisit were now closed, but we did find some new spots that we enjoyed.  Still couldn’t make it to the ever-so-popular Mango’s Cafe though.  It was closed when we tried to go 5 years ago, and it was under construction for expansion this time around! Read more…

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    Iceland: Reykjavik

    Reykjavik is, to be very honest, a very charming city.  The buildings aren’t very tall, and they’re so colorful.  Some…