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    A Preggo Necessity: Freezer Meal Party!

    A few weeks before my due date, I asked some of my girlfriends to come over and help me prep freezer meals.

    Whenever I read things online that discussed “things to do before baby arrives,” prepping freezer meals was almost always on there.  These are meals that you put together and freeze in a bag; then when the baby arrives, you can defrost the bag and put all of the contents into a crockpot for a fresh meal.  It sounded like an ideal situation since I had already assumed we’d have little-to-no time to cook fresh meals with a newborn in the house (thankfully, we had a lot of friends come to visit and bring food too!). Read more…

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    Sweet Nursery Preview

    So, the nursery is just about done! I thought I’d share some photos.  I’m still on the hunt for a…