Motherhood Make A Busy Bee and Even Busier Bee

It’s almost midnight.  I’m sitting here thinking, How on earth do moms keep up with this thing?  Then I realize that some of my favorite IG moms actually have really quiet blogs.  Some are also stay-at-home moms which proves that whether or not we’re working, we are busy people.

Time to unwind after work doesn’t exist in the same form anymore.  It exists in playtime with my babe.  Then it’s bath, feed, bedtime.  Then it’s bottle washing, prep everything for the next day, (attempt to) work out, clean at least one area of the house (or else this place would be a MESS, and I can’t think well in messes), shower, then crawl into bed.  That’s about 11pm.  It’s funny, really.  No matter how quickly or slowly I move, by the time I finish my routine, it’s about 11pm.  How does that even work?  I stare at the clock on the microwave wondering if this is some sick joke, but no…

I’m doing alright though.  I’m happy.  It’s just a shock sometimes how days just fly and you feel like nothing got done but the core essentials (like care for my baby, eat and sort of sleep). My “to-do” list tends to get pushed to the next day then to the next day.  This is unlike me!  Now I fully understand why parents consider a day to themselves an amazing vacation.  It’s a day to knock out that “to-do” list!  That would be glorious!

Anyway, I’m probably babbling while in a strange sense of delirium.  I’m so happy and so pooped at the same time.  By “pooped,” it’s moreso mentally than physically.  I’m more than able to get up and run around.  I think it might be because of my neglected “to do” list.  It really drains me mentally.  If I have 7 things to do, and I only get to 1 or 2, I get anxious.  Haha.  Type A issues.

Ok, I’ll stop.  Time to crawl into bed.

On our first family vacation!  More to come.. eventually. 🙂
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  • Reply Michelle

    Remember when I asked how you have time to blog?? Lol welcome to the club!

    June 8, 2015 at 12:49 am
    • Reply Vy

      It was so much easier when I was still on leave! lol!

      June 18, 2015 at 5:10 am

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