Bridal Tea Party Favors

It’s wedding season!  Having a newborn and being a bridesmaid in two weddings that are a month apart from each other has been a little challenging, but I’ve had fun being able to help when I can.  I feel terrible that I’m not quite as involved as I’d like to be, but I’ve definitely been doing what I can with the time I have!  One of my friends’ wedding is this weekend, and just a few weeks ago we had her bridal shower.

It was a “tea party” theme, and I got to make the party favors.  I ended up putting together jars of loose leaf tea!  What better party favor to give at a tea party then some tea, right?
These favors gave me the opportunity to be girly and crafty which somehow ended up being therapeutic for me while my baby boy took his naps.  They turned out really cute… so I thought I’d share!  Here’s what I used…
The spice jars are from Ikea.  Lace was leftover from another project.  The flower “confetti” is from Michael’s.  The ribbon and flowers were actually bought for my wedding 2 years ago, but I never ended up using them.  I found them on eBay.  It’s such a good feeling when you finally find a use for leftover craft supplies!


I took care of decorating the lids first.  First, I cut the lace pieces in circles to be about 1.5″ larger all the way around the lid.  After that was completed, I picked and put 3-4 pieces of the flower confetti on top of the lid.  I loved this detail because it added an extra pop of color in a peek-a-boo kinda way. With a hot glue gun, I applied glue around the edge of the lid.  Don’t put it on the top rim of the lid as you’ll be able to see the glue more easily through the lace; make sure it’s applied on the sides where it’s less expected.  Quickly lay the center of the lace on top of the lid, and pull it over the sides of the lid being careful not to touch the hot glue.  After that, I tied a piece of ribbon onto the lid, tied a knot, and placed a flower over the knot.


After the lids were complete, I filled each jar with about 8tsp of tea I ordered from Teavana.  I love loose leaf tea from here, but it is on the pricey side.  The 8tsp was pretty much my calculation of evenly dispersing the amount that I bought amongst the favors I had to make, so use your judgment.

I placed the lids back onto the jars and applied circle labels that I designed.  One label said “Love is Brewing” along with the date of the bridal shower, and the other label shared the name of the tea and instructions on how much to steep in hot water per serving.  The labels were placed on each side of the jar.


Once all of the labels were applied, I adjusted the ribbon with the flower so that they were all facing the same way on the “Love is Brewing” side.  I then used a dab of hot glue behind the flower to keep it from moving around.

Adorable, isn’t it?  I loved how it came out.  Hope it inspires some craftiness in your day!

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