You Take My Breath Away

Live for the moments that take your breath away…

You know what’s the magic in that phrase?  It makes every single moment in between — the stress, the struggles, the inconsistencies — so very worth it.

Last night, I was going through the grocery ads to scope out the best fruit and veggie deals this week.  It’s something I oddly look forward to on Tuesday nights after work (growing old, much?).  While I was asking Tristan if he wanted me to buy more of this or that, after he answered, he stopped and…

Him: Baby?
Me: Yeah?
Him: I love living with you.
Me: I love living with you too, hunny!
Him: No, I REALLY love living with you…

It took my breath away.  Is that totally cheesy?  I really turned into a pile of mush.  It came out of nowhere, while I was doing something as unsexy as looking for supermarket steals, no less.  It just made everything else I’ve been pondering in life seem so… whatever.

…with a side of warm fuzzies.
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