Peach Tree Blossoms & Life Lately

It’s officially spring, and there was no better way to start it off than by having our peach tree go into full bloom.


There were a lot more blooms this year than last year, which is exciting because that means more fruit this summer!  Anyhow, I really indulged in this opportunity to take some great photos.  They come and go so quickly — almost all of the petals have fallen already.  I’m hoping for more opportunities to take some floral pictures this spring while they’re all in full bloom!  Descanso Garden tomorrow, perhaps? =)

On another note, things are looking up, although still stressful to a certain percent.  It’s a part of growing up, isn’t it?  Haha.  I’ve made great friends with the stress reliever Chamomile Tea.  Anyhow, looking forward to the next couple of months, we definitely have some exciting events coming up!  Tristan’s birthday is practically around the corner, my birthday is upcoming, we’re spending a weekend with the Bay fam, and another weekend in Napa with my girlfriends (and their men).  Thennnn *drumroll* we are going to Brazil!  I cannot believe it.  This will be our first BIG international trip, and we are so very excited.  We got our Portuguese apps on our phones, and we are ready to go!  Shopping, anyone?

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