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Berries on Berries at Underwood Family Farms

Last year, we took Dominic apple picking, and ever since I saw the joy in his eyes there, I wanted to make sure we did more pick-your-own fruit activities.  I wanted to also spend some time with my sister since she recently moved back home from school, so when we were trying to find something to do, berry picking came up.  She was all for it so it was a win in everyone’s book.

I found out about Underwood Family Farms which offers pick-your-own strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries! It’s berry central, and it’s only about an hour north of Los Angeles, too.

My goodness, the second we walked up to the strawberry patch, he yanked off a fresh strawberry and put it in the box. No hesitation. He started to pick some not-so-ripe ones, but my sister and I kept reminding him to pick the red ones which he picked up on soon enough. I have to admit it is a little hard to break off the stem for littles, but I’m sure he’ll be a pro at it when we go again next year. This is definitely going to be an annual trip.

We also headed over to pick some blueberries which some were just ginormous (raspberries & blackberries weren’t ripe yet – plus, they have thorns). These were much easier to pick, but Dominic kept wandering from row to row instead of staying in the lane. Haha! I guess it helped diversify our box as we picked berries and followed him around.  He picked a few berries, but he really just wanted to wander through the bushes.


Little memories:

He saw a roly poly and said “A woorrrrrm” then proceeded to pet the bug (and by pet I mean gently push the poor thing into the dirt – don’t worry, the bug was fine, we ended up watching it walk away and saying “bye, bug!” afterwards).

He saw a bee flying around and said “A ladybug!” Lol. We’re learning here.

Dominic didn’t eat a single fruit here. I was expecting him to eat everything he picked (he loves strawberries!), so that was kind of a miracle.

They have this wooden train that you can play in. It’s in a sandbox. Dominic couldn’t get in, and it was starting to get crowded at the farm. Oh, and really hot. So we decided it was time to leave, and Dom wasn’t ready. I tried to convince him that it was time to go as kindly and patiently as possible.  After some time, I asked him again and he said “no!”  Well, I told my sister to brace herself, then I swooped up Dominic and continued to tell him that it was time to go and that we will go back another time… of which he then threw a screaming fight all the way to the car. Good times. It’s been a trend these days when he just wants to play forever, even when he’s starting to fall half asleep from exhaustion.  Play first.  Always play first.  I know it’s not the most beautiful memory, but it kind of made me laugh because I’ve become THAT parent with the screaming child. #realitycheck

So smart – to help with pollinating your plants, plant bee-friendly flowers around 🙂

Special thanks to my sister for catching some of these awesome photos 🙂  It was great to get some sister/auntie time.

If you’re looking for something to do with your littles, head over to a pick-your-own farm. It’s a great way to get outside, enjoy some vitamin D, learn a little more about nature, make some memories, and bring home the freshest produce.

Underwood Family Farms | 5696 E. Los Angeles Avenue, Somis, CA 93066

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