Healthy Habits For the Second Half of Pregnancy

It’s always exciting when you find out a friend is happy and healthy after giving birth to a precious little baby.  That’s the case for my friend who just gave birth to an adorable baby boy!  He’s almost exactly 2 months apart from our little boy which I love.  Hopefully they can grow up being buddies!

Seeing photos of her and husband at the hospital with their bundle of joy got me reminiscing about the early days with Dominic.  He’s only 2 months old, but it’s amazing how much he’s grown.  He’s showing a lot more personality now and is also getting a lot more chubby!  Those early moments are just so precious — although, let’s be honest, every moment is so precious.  I know in a few months I’m going to be reminiscing about this time too!

Then, there’s the few weeks before birth that I started thinking about.  It’s amazing how you’re just some puffed up woman one week, and the next week you’re the mother to a tiny human.  I still find it surreal when I think about it considering it’s actually hard for me to even remember now what life was like before Dominic.  There are few things I remember that I did consistently to help promote a healthy birth and quick healing post-pregnancy though.  I thought it’d be nice to share and serve as a reminder for myself since I’m feeling all nostalgic, and I genuinely do credit these things to my fast and smooth recovery.

I did 10-15 minutes of yoga 3-4 times a week while pregnant alongside some other form of exercise, but towards the end of pregnancy, I couldn’t do any other workouts other that yoga since it was more gentle on my joints and aching back.  It also felt like it would be more beneficial for me since it helped keep me off the couch but not exhaust me.  I had a friend who swore meditation helped her as well — and her son is extremely calm.  I’ve gotten a lot of comments at how Dominic is so “chill,” and I’m really starting to believe it’s the meditation that went alongside a good yoga video.  The below was my favorite!  Starting at around 34 weeks, I did this routine at least twice a week.


Raspberry Leaf Tea
I had at least a cup every other day starting around 35 weeks as I heard it helps to tone/strengthen the uterus which, in turn, helps it to contract to push the baby out during labor and return back to it’s normal size quicker postpartum.

Pamper Self
Okay, this probably didn’t help with recovery (or did it?), but I made sure to take time to pamper myself before baby made his appearance.  I got a pedicure, got a massage, and took a long bath.  It was sooo worth it as I was so exhausted and achy by week 36.  If anything, it helped keep me relaxed!

I always carried around a 24 oz tumbler of water and made sure to drink around 3 of them a day.  I never once swelled up during pregnancy!

Baby decided to make his debut a week and a half early, but he was so healthy and strong.  I hope someone else will find these tips helpful for a successful pregnancy/delivery as everyone loves a healthy baby (and healthy mommy)!

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