Nighttime Giggles Forever

There are so many moments when I wish there was a camera ready to record.  Tonight was one of them, but there was no way to record.  It was just my babe and me in the dark.  A camera wouldn’t really catch much anyway with such little light.

I had fed him his nighttime bottle, and although most of the time he gets drowsy and slowly drifts into a deep sleep, he was oddly awake tonight.  I sang to him then rocked him until his eyes were shut. It took a while to get him to sleep, but I let myself enjoy every minute of it and let the house duties slide for the day.  I missed him a lot.

When it was time to put him down in his bed, his head actually got stuck on my elbow, and by the time I was able to ease him off onto the bed, he was a wide awake!  He looked at me, and then he smiled.  I smiled back.  Normally I would just keep trying to get him to go back to sleep, but he reached up to me and I put my hand on his chest.  He grabbed my fingers and wrapped his little legs around my arm.  Every time I pulled my arm up, he would giggle!  It was like he was trying to keep me from leaving, and he was winning!  I knew playing this with him would just get him more awake, but I couldn’t resist.  We played this random little giggle game for a while.  That smile, the little hands, and the chubby legs – I couldn’t resist.  I love playing with him!  At some point, he rolled over and reached for his pacifier.  He tried to put it in his mouth, but he’s still a little goofy with his coordination. It’s awfully cute to watch.  At least I knew his eyesight was amazing because I didn’t even see where the pacifier was. Haha.  I then picked him up, and we sat in the rocking chair for a while until he finally drifted off to sleep.  Yeah, this whole little event happened with just the glow of a tiny nightlight which might have added to the warm fuzzy feeling I have inside.

Now that I’m back in the swing of work, Dominic has definitely come to favor my husband.  It breaks my heart, but I can’t really blame him.  My husband is basically the primary caretaker since he spends 3 whole weekdays with him.  I only get the evenings and weekends, and even then, most of the time, my husband is around anyways.  It’s tough, so when I get to make some memories with him, I try to make sure to squeeze them in and really savor them.  I hope one day he understands that even though I’m away at work so much, I love him more than words can describe and will do whatever I can to make the moments count.

Oh yes… I could just listen to him giggle all day.

I adore these chubby cheeks!
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