Barcelona Day 3: Park Guell to the Beach

By the time we reached Park Guell, it was official to me.  Gaudi’s work is 100x more impressive in person.  I have seen photos that people have taken here more times than I can count and have always found it to be beautiful with all of the colors, details, and overall design; but my goodness, the intricacy of his art is amazing.

We took the metro to get to Park Guell which had us walking a few extra blocks then we made our way up this hill.  Talk about a morning workout!  We aimed to get there within the first hour that it opened to beat the mass of tourists, so there were only a handful of people that were on the same trek as us.  Once you get closer to the area, there are escalators to take you to the top.  Once you’re at the top, you will find yourself in front of a spectacular view of the city.  We walked around then found ourselves at the entrance.


The line to enter was short once we got there, but around 11am, there was an incredible influx of tourists.  We were so thankful we got there early.  It seems like around this time is when the tour buses start making their way over, so everyone comes and goes in giant waves.  Looking back, I’m really glad we were able to visit the park when we could instead of seeing it when we were on the tour.  We would’ve been really limited on time to see everything, and we would’ve also had to make our way through crowds the whole time.  We can’t be the only tourists that don’t like tourists, right? Haha.  Everything worked out well.  Here’s some photos from Park Guell…





I just die over these photos!!  Look at my boys being so matchy-matchy 🙂
Perfect area for him to play.  We let him run around a lot here.  Oh, and look at the amazing details on the ceilings.  AH-MAY-ZING (and all the heart eyes!)


^Seriously.  Love me some matchy-matchy
Afterwards, we planned for a nice nap then headed out to Barceloneta Beach!  It was still on the cooler side (70s), but it was a beautiful day.  The water was ice cold though, so we just sun-bathed, ate, and built sand animals with the toys we brought with us.



^ Teaching him how to sift sand to find sea treasures!


^There are a ton of fruit stands around here which is something I really loved about Barcelona.  I didn’t find fresh fruit very readily in London and Paris, and if you didn’t know yet, Dominic LOVES fruit.  We bought a few of these cups and brought them to the beach.
^It was during this vacation where he learned the magic of the ear buds and also the magic of sand! Look at his amazement watching the sand fall.  He did this for quite a while haha ^


^ Doesn’t this picture look like the perfect ad for Lay’s??  He makes me want to buy a bag. Now.


^ When he first stepped onto the sand, he was really weirded out!  I wish I recorded his reaction, but it was so cute.  I just had to take a picture of his tiny toes sinking in the sand.  We eventually convinced him that it was okay to walk on it.  It wasn’t his first encounter with sand, but I guess we don’t go to the beach often enough for him to remember.


Later in the evening, we found ourselves at La Rambla again looking for some good food to eat, but this time we didn’t eat at any of the restaurants on the road.  We found some great places to eat that I can’t wait to share later!


Okay, there’s really no point to these last two pictures except to remind ourselves that he seems to own every bed we sleep in (also because he’s pretty darn cute).


If you missed it, catch Barcelona Day 1 and Barcelona Day 2, or you can head over to Barcelona Day 4!
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