Barcelona Day 2: La Sagrada, La Rambla, La Baby Adventures

For our first full day in Barcelona, we had booked a tour to see some of the main highlights and to better acquaint ourselves with the city.  We were going to get to see the famous La Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila, the Olympic Stadiums, Montjuic, then Park Guell all with sprinklings of little known facts from the tour guide.  Since a lot of these landmarks seemed far apart on a map, we figured this would be the most convenient plan as a family.

Well, we learned.  Maybe some families can handle the tour bus route, but I think it officially deterred us from booking a tour again for a while! Haha.  We didn’t know what to expect with Dominic’s napping schedule since we would be in a different time zone, but I think booking based on that would have helped.  We booked it way in advance thinking we could just go with the flow.  Of course, the tour ended up being when he was the most tired and the most cranky that it took a lot of snacking to keep him somewhat calm.  What we didn’t think about?  He could get carsick – and that he did!  It’s a weird phenomenon being a mom.  The thought of anyone else throwing up on me would be a horror story, but when he did, it was just “ahhh crap.”  Anyway, we cleaned up as much as could and asked the tour guide to take us back.  This was around the Olympic stadium area.  She offered to let me change and finish up the tour; but with Dominic being overtired (he passed out on my lap soon after), we figured it would be best to let him get a good nap in then we go out and explore on our own.  Anyway, after his nap, it was time to go to lunch. On the way to lunch, a bird decided to aim it’s poop on my foot (I’m a big believer that those crazy birds do, in fact, aim). I definitely thought it was water until I looked down. Great! I get thrown up on and then I get pooped on. That should be it, right?  Tristan said it may be good luck.  As luck would have it, I had Dominic sit on my lap during lunch and somehow there was a leak in his diaper.  Now, I had pee on my dress. Very funny, universe!
I mean, this day was enough adventure in itself! #parentlife.  Don’t ever think family vacations are absolute perfection.  There are plenty of things that no parent would be thrilled to post on the internet, but I’m keeping it real for ya (plus it’s something for us to laugh about when we read this in the future haha).
Anyway, here’s some photos from the tour then you’ll see more of our adventures from later in the afternoon further down 🙂
^ The famous La Sagrada Familia by architect Antoni Gaudi. The detail you see at every angle is UNREAL.  I’m sure you can stare at this building every day and find a new beautiful detail to appreciate.

^ The side you’re probably most familiar with!  We were near someone who had visited years ago and they were saying how amazing it is to see the continued progress.  It really is breathtaking in person.  Photos don’t do it justice!  Supposedly it will be complete in 10 years.
^ The church building began in 1882 and was privately funded which is one of the reasons why construction was delayed. Gaudi passed away in 1926 making it pretty amazing to have the building see to it’s completion 100 years later.


^ Another one of Gaudi’s amazingly beautiful and unique designs, Casa Mila.

That was pretty much all we saw on the tour haha 🙂  After a nice, long nap and bath, we headed out to see La Rambla and the surrounding areas. La Rambla is basically a street with vendors lined up, and it’s a big tourist go-to.  You’ll find restaurants, florists, painters, souvenir shops – anything!  It’s basically an outdoor market, but I believe the best thing to do is have a seat at one of the restaurants to eat and people watch.  I don’t think the food is as great as the food at the actual restaurants we ate at, but I’ll share more of that in the food roundup.


^ Tea spot I wish we tried!

Notice how the streets go from modern to rugged quite frequently.

After La Rambla, we wanted to check out Barceloneta Beach.  We wanted to go for a swim at least one day, but we were waiting for a warmer day to actually get into our swimsuits.  Instead, we just went to scope out the area and get a better idea of how to get there since the metro didn’t drop us off that closeby.  It turns out the bus is the way to go – it’ll drop you off right at the beach! On this day, however, we walked over from La Rambla to get more sight-seeing in.



^ I mentioned the other day that it’s a big cruise port here.  We saw this happen often where vendors would be selling things where they shouldn’t, and when police were nearby, they’d wrap up their shop and walk away as if they weren’t there.  They are SWIFT!


^ Having a blast adventuring and seeing new things!  Oh, and the sweatpants?  It’s the reason I mentioned earlier – same thing that happened in Paris.  The diaper was dry too, so I don’t know if it’s a boy thing or if this diaper company has some explaining to do lol.  At least he’s comfy!
This here was my favorite part of the day.  We found someone blowing giant bubbles in the wind, and Dominic’s eyes just lit up.  We let him run around and play with the big kids, but he wasn’t as familiar with bubbles yet so he didn’t understand that they could pop!  You can imagine how much excitement he had to watch them pop with a touch or even in mid-air.




My heart gets overjoyed just thinking about him running around chasing the giant bubbles 🙂

And here… Barceloneta Beach! The color of the water here is unreal. Don’t be fooled though; it’s got that warm, tropical color, but it is cold!


Some photos below of La Rambla around sunset as well as some beautiful buildings in the area.  It rained! I remember the weather being so fickle. I would check my weather app throughout the day, and it would constantly change. We weren’t even expecting rain this day, but luckily it was short-lived.


Calling his friends at home and sharing his adventures haha.  Kids and phones – so darn cute! ^
If you missed it, see Barcelona Day 1, or you can head over to see Barcelona Day 3 and Barcelona Day 4!
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