Sweet Nursery Preview

So, the nursery is just about done! I thought I’d share some photos.  I’m still on the hunt for a few more details, but he might be here by the time I find them 🙂
I went with earthy browns to suit a woodland theme with a hint of travel and daydreams.  I didn’t want to do the typical blue nursery for a baby boy, and with him being born in the later half of the year it led me to want to put together a room that’s a bit more warm.

A lot of the stuff here were gifts from friends and family.  We are so fortunate and feel so loved.  We have so many great books to read to our little guy at night too!  Every single one of the books were a gift.


I originally planned on getting a changing table but decided to do a dresser with a changing pad instead to be more practical.  What on earth do you do with a changing table after the baby grows out of it? Haha.  The dresser came in handy as it’s useful now and can easily transition as he gets older.
Top drawer are newborn clothes, all grooming/health necessities, and newborn diapers.  We’re kind of swimming in diapers; the second drawer is actually organized with baskets of clothes from 0-6 months, but surrounding it are all of the loose diapers we received from the adorable diaper cakes 🙂  Bottom drawer are size 1 diapers and extra blankets.


Ta-da!  A somewhat full shot of the room.  In the closet are some stuff I’m storing, but he’s also got tons more clothes and diapers up to size 5.  I wasn’t kidding about the diapers!  Definitely not complaining though – we are more than happy to house spare diapers!  It’s better than having to run out to the store for emergency diapers so we are so, SO thankful for every gift.

He probably won’t be sleeping in the nursery for another few months as I know I’ll want him close to me when he first comes home.  We’re hoping to sleep train, but when we actually start training is another question 🙂

Any day now!

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