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Our Gender Reveal Party

When I first heard about a gender reveal party, I knew I wanted to have one.  Mind you, this is before we were even trying for a baby.  Ha! It just looked like such a fun way to share the news with everyone you love all at once (posting on Facebook is not nearly half as fun)!

Well, we had booked our babymoon for the second trimester, and oddly enough, when it came time to schedule the appointment for the ultrasound, the best date they could give us was the day that we would be flying out for the trip.  We went ahead and scheduled it, and I made plans the weekend prior to the ultrasound to prep for the party for the weekend after we got back. Yup, we waited a whole week to find out!  Good thing we were enjoying a vacation and keeping our minds occupied with our new surroundings.  If I was home the whole week, I probably would’ve gotten so antsy.
Anyway, I bought most of the decorations and put together most of the details early on.  When we had the ultrasound that Thursday, the technician seemed pretty aware of the whole “gender reveal” movement and had no questions about what to do.  She placed the wand to my belly, and we got to see our little one move around.  It was amazing.  It’s amazing every time.  Anywho, any time she started to plan to take photos of the baby’s lower half, she would turn the screen away from us.  Haha!  She was a pro at keeping this a secret.  The envelope she put it in was like a UPS envelope – borderline cardboard so you couldn’t even hold it up to the light to see what was inside.  Reduced all hints of temptation!
Could it get any more mysterious???
We headed over to Cakes by Rumy – one of our favorite bakers in Sherman Oaks – and left the envelope with her.  Her duty?  To make a cake that was blue if it was a boy and pink if it was a girl.  At that point, only the ultrasound tech and our cake baker knew.
Then we left for Belize for a week and arrived back home the following Friday night.
Despite my weeks of planning, it turns out there still wasn’t enough time to get everything done.  Well, maybe moreso I realized that I’m human and don’t have the ability to split in half to get everything done myself.  Took me a while.  Thank GOODNESS for my husband though who pulled through for me in many more ways than just one.  I really don’t know how I could possibly get through life without him.  He really hates these complex, detailed parties, so for him to help as much as he did reminded me of how much he really loves me… even if he didn’t want to smile in the process. Hahah.  Ohmylove.
I planned this as a brunch event to keep things a little more simple.  Night events seem to be a bit more complex and drawn out, so planning a short and sweet brunch event was perfect after a long week of traveling.  We invited our family and close friends via Facebook, but for any friends who didn’t have an account, we texted them an invitation.
Special thanks to my sister for drawing the bowtie and the bow for the theme!
Now, party details!  I essentially had 3 tables – 1 for voting, 1 for the reveal cake, and 1 for a light brunch.
The Voting Table:


On the voting table, I had some voting cards for friends and family to vote for what they thought the gender of our baby would be.  To help them out, I put together a list of “old wives’ tales” in case anyone believed any of them.  This way everyone knew what had been going on with me the past few weeks and possibly help them make their final decision.  It was really fun putting this together, especially when it came to looking at the Chinese calendar and Mayan calendar.


The entries were placed in a vase and the first correct entry that we would draw would win a $25 Visa gift card — of course, this was done after the cake was cut.  I also made some cute bow and bowtie clips so everyone could represent their vote!  The cutouts were bought off of Etsy, and I glued the clips on to them as seen below:
Everyone seemed to have fun with this table, even little Madelyn seen placing her vote!

The Reveal Cake Table:

Following the theme of our invite, everything had a hint of “ombre.”  Blue to purple to pink, with touches of bowties and bows.  I really loved the end product.  It was sweet and simple.  After our wedding, I really haven’t had an occasion to plan, so I had a lot of fun with this and tried to do it all within a small budget.
Here I had blue cake plates and pink forks, while we had brunch with pink plates and blue utensils.  Had to make it all fair game!  The sweet and simple cake was just what I wanted as I didn’t want it to look too busy with so many colors all over the place.  The cake cutting utensils were the same ones we used on our wedding day 🙂  Tristan didn’t notice until we were about to cut the cake, and it put a smile on his face.  Made my heart so warm.  It’s still such a fond memory for us.
The Brunch Table:

I’m a little heartbroken that I couldn’t get a photo of the table in its completion, because by the time everything that was supposed to be on the table had made it to the table, the other half was already eaten.  In the picture above, I’m still missing a dish because they were running late due to picking up balloons as well as the 2 containers of coffee that didn’t show until an hour later (rookie mistake).  I guess it’s minor, but it would have been nice to capture the whole table.  I’m so thankful my cousin took these pictures though.  I would have had nothing to share if it weren’t for her!

Anyhow, I made the theme of the table “what’s your craving?” to poke fun at pregnancy cravings.  Each munchie was labeled with the craving then what the food was.

The only picture I have of this is below, and it’s so out-of-focus.  Yes, I’m the one that took it.  Don’t expect the party planner to have time to take photos when some details are running late.  Ha!  I was also caught in the middle of talking to friends, so it’s a legimate excuse…

The cravings and menu?

Crunchy: Biscotti
Sweet: Donut Holes
Savory: Breakfast Cups
Salty: Ham and Cheese Puffs
Chewy: Bagels
Spicy: Deviled Eggs
Healthy: Fresh Fruits

Everything was bought except for the Breakfast Cups and Ham and Cheese Puffs which I made at home.  For drinks, we had sweet tea, orange juice, coffee (eventually), and cucumber-infused water.

Once everyone got their fill, we just relaxed a bit to catch up with everyone as we waited for the coffee to arrive as well as our final expected guests.  It kind of worked out because having coffee with cake is pretty perfect.  Anyway, once the coffee arrived, I told everyone they can grab a cup and then we would cut the cake!  Needless to say, it was already passed 11am, but none of us seemed to mind 🙂
The Big Reveal:
I got some of these fun action shots from my auntie that I totally adore.  I had absolutely no feelings or opinions about the cake cutting until just MOMENTS before when this sudden anxiety built up inside me.  Ohmygosh we’re going to find out the gender of our baby!  My hands were shaking.  Tristan was getting pretty riled up too!  We made the first cut, and I was hoping not to see any color when we pulled the knife out, but I already saw the bits of blue.  We made the final slice and lifted up the cake — IT’S A BOY!!  I looked at Tristan and told him “I told you!” Haha!  All this time I had a feeling it was a boy, but he kept saying that I was just saying that because I wanted a girl.  In reality, I truly felt from the very beginning that our baby was going to be a boy.  Is that crazy?
All in all it was a fun little adventure!  Everyone hung out for a bit then slowly started to leave and enjoy the remainder of their Sunday.  I know everyone that was there is going to play a grand part of our son’s life, and I couldn’t be happier to do a smaller intimate gathering with these people before a big baby shower.  It’s still a little surreal to me… we’re having a baby boy!!
I guess our baby had so much fun too because he really did not want to stop moving around last night!  I felt a swish here and nudge there.  I don’t know how long it really lasted, but it was definitely much more activity than usual.  I thought it was kind of cute.  He must have be feeling pretty excited to finally share some news!
Now, on to deciding on a name…
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