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Autumn Traditions: Heading to Oak Glen

It’s officially fall, and ever since the season changed (at least by name – not so much by weather), I’ve been looking forward to our tradition of heading out to the apple orchards.

We went out and invited our friends for their first trip out to Oak Glen.  Although I really wanted to go to Willowbrook to u-pick for the first time, the line was incredibly long, so we went ahead to Riley’s Apple Farm which is right next door.

Tristan and I went here the first time we found Oak Glen; it was during our 2-year anniversary, and I was about 7 months-pregnant with Dominic.  It was also near closing time (and about to rain!), so we didn’t get to experience all of it.  We got to take our time this time around, and although it’s still fairly small, it felt a bit more fun and special to have our littles with us!

First time trying hoecakes which were basically corn meal pancakes!  We tried them with the cherry butter and pumpkin butter.  Yum.

Found a giant dandelion for miss Zayzay, and she loved it!

A worker was nice enough to come out and show us how the corn mill worked.  He even set everything up to let the kids try it out!  Dom kept saying we were making “concrete” since it looks like we were spinning out cement.  Thanks, Bob the Builder!  Everyone also got to try some fresh-pressed apple cider.

In addition to some farm fun (we got introduced to a corn crib!), the adults also tried their hand at throwing tomahawks and shooting archery.  Well, all of the adults tried except for me.  I don’t think anyone wants a clumsy pregnant lady with those things in her hands.

We eventually decided to check out their pumpkin patch which was like a tiny patch made just for the littles, but on the way, we got a nice little surprise with this tractor that Dominic fell in love with.  Right by the patch, we also saw a chicken coop!

Since kindergarten!

Since apples weren’t up for picking at Riley’s, we all had lunch at Angus McCurdy’s (whose menu somehow got a bit disappointing compared to the last time we went – also, no ice cream service?!), then parted ways.  As our friends went home, we decided to go ahead and visit Los Rios Rancho to try to do some actual apple picking.

When we got there, there was sign saying that it was slim pickings, so instead of scavenging for apples in the heat, we decided just to run around and take some pictures for old time’s sake.  Dominic had a blast after finding a great stick and started drawing in the dirt everywhere we stopped.

Thanks to the nice stranger who offered to take this great photo of us!

This is what he does when I ask him to hug the baby 🙂

So, we’re starting to realize that Dominic is becoming more in tune with his fears because we did some things that we thought he would enjoy, but instead he started to panic – like when Tristan picked him up in the apple box and when I put him on my shoulders. Haha.  Definitely surprised us!  It’s interesting watching him grow into his own person and developing more of his own personal joys and fears.

^I’m in love with this photo of my boys.

Until next time, Oak Glen!  We’ll be back with 2 littles in tow!

Riley’s at Los Rios Rancho | 39611 S. Oak Glen Rd. Yucaipa, CA 92399

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