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Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve

I have been wanting to go here for years, but for several years in a row, reports said that there wasn’t much of a bloom. Also, sometimes it was just life being busy and the opportunity to visit came and went.

Tristan, being the thoughtful and wonderful husband he is, had brought up going to the fields this year because it was predicted that the blooms would be amazing after all of the winter rain. We didn’t really have a free weekend once the blooms were confirmed, but my mom told me that she also wanted to go. It wasn’t really a priority for Tristan to go (he just wanted to make sure I got to go :), so I ended up taking my mom on a weekend Tristan was working. I think it all worked out, right? It was also nice for me to have some quiet time with my mom just to talk since we don’t do that very often. If you haven’t had good conversation with your parents in a while, a road trip will always do the trick.  I learned quite a few new things!

Anyway, it is amaaazing out here. The blooms went on for miles, and even on the drive there, we stopped to admire superblooms of different wildflowers. It was stunning, and I’m so happy I got to go. I didn’t get as many great pictures because we didn’t wander around enough (and also I was the driver), but pictures wouldn’t do it all justice anyways. It’ll probably only last a few more weeks, so if you haven’t seem the bloom of California poppies yet, go check it out. Just be sure not to pick any flowers or walk off the trails to protect future blooms! 🙂

The yellow blooms up close.  Aren’t they cute?? And they just blanket the land.

Someone wasn’t in the mood for pictures.


Look at the hills in the distance.  That orange color?  All of the California poppies.

So many different flowers to love.

He was sooo over going in-and-out of the car for photos haha

He’s so cute.  He’s helping me get the hair out of my face.  Windy day!

Until next year!

Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve | 15101 Lancaster Rd, Lancaster, CA 93536

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