Adding A Little Fun To Our Steps

This post is sponsored by Socks and I.  All opinions are my own.

We haven’t gone on a vacation in a while, so I have to admit the days have gotten a bit more routine.  We play, we cook, we clean, we snooze.  I can’t really complain because I do love a good routine, but sometimes you just want something that makes you feel a little more fun and maybe even a little out of the ordinary.

Enter Socks and I.  Socks and I is a monthly subscription for – you guessed it – socks!  Fun, unique, super soft, and high-quality socks that show up at your doorstep every month.  What a fun concept, right?

Full disclosure: I am really #basic when it comes to socks.  I have white socks, black ankle socks, and nude-colored no-show socks.  I’ve loved every pair of fun socks I’ve received in my life that they’ve stuck around for a long time, however, I never really bought them myself.  The bare necessities is kind of my thing, so you can imagine the fun I felt when I got this delivery.

We received a box for me and a box for my husband, and all of the socks made us smile.  It was beautifully packaged and well-assembled, and when we tried them on we realized they weren’t just fun prints but they were of great quality too.  You know what else?  It also made us feel a little more funky and somehow made the day feel a little more fun!

I have to admit the socks even made Dominic smile.  The extra pop of color is hard not to notice, and they sure made my outfit a little more cute.  It’s a very simple change, but they made playing with blocks with my little guy look and feel a whole lot less mundane.

Hooray for fun socks!

Tristan has been working out pretty regularly lately, and he’s actually been wearing them when he hits the gym.  They’re soft and snug enough to keep him comfortable during his workouts, and the unique prints let him have a little more fun putting together his outfits. The prints really range from funky to formal so there’s something for everyone here.

I really can’t say enough good things about these socks.  If you like fun prints or just need a few pairs to break a little from routine, I highly recommend their service to add a little fun to your steps. I mean, if you’re going to have to clean up messes every day, you might as well feel like you’re having fun doing it, right?

Learn more about Socks and I and their subscription service here: .  Make sure to check out the giveaway for your own FREE set of 4 socks on my Instagram too!

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