A Woodland Baby Shower

This past weekend was our little one’s baby shower!  It was so much fun and so great to see our friends and family under one roof.  I’ve been planning this for almost 2 months, so seeing it come together pretty seamlessly was such a relief.  It seemed like everyone had a good time and enjoyed the reunion with some old friends.  The best part for me was seeing my uncle and his kids.  I haven’t seen them since the wedding!  I wish it wasn’t so hard to stay in touch with them.

We didn’t want to burden anyone with throwing us a baby shower, so we pretty much took the reigns and had friends and family help where we needed help rather than leave us out of the entire process.  There were too many people we wanted to invite, and it just didn’t feel right to ask someone to be responsible for it.  I guess we’re a little weird. 🙂

The theme was a fox and woodland theme which was inspired by the fall season.  Of course, it was probably 90 degrees outside, but it still worked out in my opinion.  Decor included lots of burlap and silk autumn-colored leaves as well as pseudo-pumpkins and squash as centerpieces and accents.  We served BBQ, fruits, veggies, sodas and beer along with plenty of desserts.

The dessert table was pretty sweet and simple while focusing on the woodland/autumn theme.  I had a cute little cookie bar which the kids seemed to really enjoy.  The two “hits” seemed to be the 2 homemade dishes — the “s’mores on a stick” and the creme brulee.  I made the s’mores which were marshmellows dipped in semi-sweet chocolate then coated with crushed graham crackers.  My brother-in-law made the delicious creme brulee.




All of the fox details were purchases on Etsy.  It was actually really affordable as all I had to do was purchase the artwork, download them, then print.  Definitely turned out more cost efficient for me!
As part of the package, there were some games that I really loved.  One was a card for guests to write predictions and wishes for baby, and one was a card for guests to write some advice for us – the parents-to-be.  The kids had fun writing out their little notes too!


Since it was a co-ed shower, we made sure our games involved a little bit of everyone.  For the boys, we played the beer in a bottle game where they had to race to finish the bottle!  For the girls, we had them put a plate on their foreheads and attempt (and I really mean attempt) to draw a baby.  Lastly, we gave everyone the opportunity to guess how big my baby belly was by measuring and cutting a string.  After measuring everyone’s string in comparison to my actual size, a GUY won the game!



We also had a diaper raffle!  I do have to mention that anyone who is planning to have a baby shower soon to plan for a diaper raffle.  If there’s anything moms around me have encouraged, it’s to stock up on diapers, and for the shower, everyone who brings diapers can enter their name in a jar for a prize.  We did the drawing towards the end of the party.  Looking at all of the diapers we have now gives me some odd sense of peace for at least a few months of not having to run out to buy diapers.  Apparently babies go through 8-10 diapers a day!  We’re so thankful!!!
Another thing I’m so happy we did was to ask our friends and family to bring a baby book in place of a card and to write a note for Baby in the book.  We got over 2 dozen children’s books to read to our little guy at night, and they’ll all be such sweet keepsakes for him when he’s older.  I really had to try to hold back tears while going through the books.  I can barely handle how full of love this home is!
We had a lot of friends and family there to celebrate with us, and we truly had a lot of fun.  We couldn’t feel more fortunate to have so many loving people surrounding us.  It’s so exciting to know our little one will be surrounded by so much love and support!  There are just not enough words to express how grateful we really are!  THANK YOU!
Just 7 weeks to go!!
P.s. Thank you so much to Jeremy and Patty for taking photos for me.  I would probably only have 5 photos on my camera without your help!
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