A Super Halloween!

I don’t know why, but I was so stumped this year on what to do for our Halloween costumes.  I had a few ideas here and there, but nothing made me feel like “THIS IS IT!” (compared to last year’s Halloween). Well, eventually I found myself wandering around a Wal-Mart and saw some cheesy superhero shirts with capes attached with velcro and thought it would be funny to do something less serious.  I brought it up to Tristan, and he was definitely in.  He brought up using workout gear as our accessories, and that was that.  We were going to be the main superheros from the recent Batman v. Superman movie,but instead of the “Dawn of Justice” we were the “Dawn of Jogging (with a soft ‘J’).”  If you get that last movie reference, you’re awesome.

They didn’t have toddler sized shirts with capes, so we ordered Dominic’s top from Amazon (thank goodness for Amazon!).  He looked sooo cute with everything on.  Thankfully he kept it all on most of the time we were out and about.

A family of Supers!
We went with some friends to trick-or-treat at the mall.  We didn’t get much candy, but with such tiny tots, we definitely didn’t need much.  Just having them together all dressed up was super sweet.
^The moment Nemo and Superman met, then them cruising in their new ride! 


 ^Time to trick-or-treat!
^Thankful to have them all as parent friends 🙂
^Superman stopping a train with one hand, us jogging to the rescue (or chasing after Dominic), and Batman helping to fix Superman’s shoe.
 ^At one point Dominic started crying because we wouldn’t let him push buttons at an ATM, but then this dinosaur showed up.  He was all better, even giving him a high five!  Then, of course, he went to push buttons at the vending machine haha.


^The best picture I got of all of our kids (lol), and the newest mommy & daddy in the group with their babe 🙂 


^ A DC family, a Finding Nemo family, a Marvel family, and a Harry Potter family!
We all headed out as it was reaching bedtime for the littles, so going to the mall worked out as it was a fun environment with trick-or-treating starting nice and early.  I’m excited to celebrate more holidays with our friends especially as our families grow.  Thinking about watching our minis grow up together and having these memories to look back on just makes life feel like a million bucks.
Can you believe it? It’s now time to look forward to Thanksgiving!  Hope everyone had a safe and SUPER Halloween!
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