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[foodventures] A Reunion + Eggslut + Mikawaya

Ten years ago, I was dorming in college. There were five of us that grew pretty close, but after that year, we all kept in touch via Facebook and some of us saw each other once in a blue moon.  Some of us grew closer to others, but as a whole, we had not been together since that one year we all shared the same suite/restroom/study room.

Linda had made an update on Facebook that she got into a school in Paris for her MBA.  I was so happy for her!  Next thing you know, I checked in a Backstreet Boys concert, and it turned out that she was there too!  We made a little attempt to meet up with each other there, but the current circumstances didn’t really help.  I messaged her back on Facebook saying that we should meet up before she left for Paris — then I realized it would actually be pretty cool if our group from the dorms all got together.
So, here we are… 10 years later.
We told Linda to pick a spot she’s been wanting to try since she was soon leaving the country.  She picked out Eggslut which is located it DTLA’s Grand Central Market.  I’ve been wanting to try this place for a while, and who doesn’t like going to Grand Central Market?
Of course, most of the sandwiches were made with over-easy eggs which I can’t eat while preggers.  I had no idea I would miss deliciously runny eggs.  Nonetheless, they did have an egg salad sandwich with arugula.  I love egg salad, and I love arugula.  Lucky me!
It was pretty good!  I can’t say it was completely mind-blowing, but I have to admit it tasted really fresh and the bread was just perfect.  Honestly, my favorite part was the bread.  The egg salad was good too, but the bread was really, really good.  I think I would enjoy this spot even more if it was for breakfast and if I got to have one of the sandwiches with the over-easy eggs.  Next time!
Eggslut | 317 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013 (Inside Grand Central Market)
After we perused around Grand Central Market — which is a great place to find local eats (and fresh local produce!), we headed over to Little Tokyo to get some mochi ice cream at Mikawaya for dessert.  I adore mochi ice cream.  I actually haven’t been to this spot before, but I think it’s one of my new favorites.
I got the pistachio, the guava, and the black sesame.  C’mon… with flavors like that, how could you not fall madly in love with this place?  Pistachio?  As a mochi ice cream?  You have won me over.  I think my favorite was the black sesame, but they were all delicious.
Mikawaya | 118 Japanese Village Plaza Mall, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Overall, it was really nice to get out and catch up with the girls.  I can’t believe how much time has flown and yet so much is still the same.  We’re just more mature versions of ourselves.  It was fun reminiscing and trying to fill in the blanks of each other’s memories from 10 years ago.  Catching up with old friends is always such a soothing treat.  I hope it won’t be another 10 years until we all see each other again!

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