Boston: A New England Autumn

Have you ever seen so many different leaves in one pile?  I really loved going to Boston because it was a great stimulating trip for Dominic with all of the surrounding colors and textures and also fun for us big kids when it came to historical landmarks (and good food).

Our first day there was pretty much a leisure day to take in all of the autumn beauty, but it really turned out to be my favorite day because Dominic seemed to have a lot of fun.  Since we were staying with our friends, we felt really fortunate because their neighborhood felt like a street at Universal Studios.  It was just TOO pretty.  We wouldn’t have been able to really appreciate this if we had stayed at a hotel.  Each door had a cute little stoop, the buildings were made of brick, and the streets were just lined with a variety of trees.  We would stop every now and then to show Dominic and let him touch the different leaves.  He was so incredibly curious.
After a little stroll, we headed to the First Church of Christ, Scientist to admire the architecture and rows of trees.  It was gorgeous.  The leaves just dangle from the branches here and were slowly trickling down with the breeze.  A part of me feels like locals will think I’m crazy because I’m romanticizing the rows of trees, but they really were beautiful.  There’s also a fountain here, but it was turned off when we were there.
First Church of Christ, Scientist | 210 Massachusetts Ave, Boston, MA 02115
The goal for the day was to get to the Boston Public Garden, but along the way we decided to make a pitstop at Copley Square.




It looked like a farmers market was just starting to pick up and there were plenty of people hanging out and playing on the lawn.  We walked around the Trinity Church and browsed the Public Library.  If you love architecture, this is a nice spot to stop and appreciate it.  The library itself was really nice (and a good stop if you need a diaper change 🙂


We ended up spending a good chunk of time at the Public Garden just taking pictures and admiring the scenery.  I mean, can you believe how pretty this is?  The colors were so vibrant in real life.  A lot of people were telling me it’s gorgeous in Boston this time of year, but I didn’t think I would so wholeheartedly agree.
Public Garden | 4 Charles St, Boston, MA 02114



One cluster of trees seemed to litter the floor with its golden leaves, and I couldn’t resist snapping a hundred photos here (kinda, sorta not exaggerating).  My husband executed the above photos so well. It was exactly what I wanted to capture.  I just sat there with Dominic letting him touch and tear the leaves.  When we had to go, he cried!  So, you know, we stayed an extra 10 minutes, and even then he held onto a leaf while he sat in the stroller.


Ugh.  That bridge.  The surrounding colors.  The reflection in the water.  We took about a hundred photos here too.  How can anyone resist??  The weather was perfect too. It was in the mid-70s with mostly sunshine.  We got so lucky.


After we absorbed all of that autumn goodness, we crossed the bridge and wandered around in search of the “Make Way for Ducklings” statue.  It’s based on a children’s picture book, but I have to be honest that I just wanted to see it because it was cute.  I had not read the book before, but it seems to me like it’s a classic :).  When we finally found the statues, he was ecstatic!  Ducks!  I wish I had a photo of his reaction when he first saw the ducklings, but it’s clear in my mind.  He’s always so happy to see different animals.  He threw a mini-fit here when we had to leave too. Haha.  Yes, we ended up staying a few extra minutes for him to get his fill.  So worth it for this big, bright smile.
Make Way for Ducklings | inside Public Garden on the side parallel to Beacon St


We ventured over towards Beacon Hill afterwards to check out the scenery and see a Cheers location.  The streets here were so cute.  All of the doors were different colors and the sidewalks were just brick (not stroller friendly, though Dominic somehow slept through the stroll here.  Baby massage?).  It was so different from home.  As for the Cheers location, we didn’t even go inside to eat.  We literally just took a few pictures outside for the heck of it.
Cheers | 84 Beacon St, Boston, MA 02108



While in Beacon Hill, we had to visit Acorn St.  I don’t believe there’s anything hugely historical about it, but it’s been referenced as the most frequently photographed street in the United States.  It’s clearly very photogenic with the brick walls, cobblestone streets, and flag waving over it.  It definitely felt more like a cute alleyway than a street, but that’s besides the point.  It was nice little scenic stop.  Almost obligatory.
Acorn Street | Acorn St, Boston, MA 02108


After this, we took the subway back to our friends’ place where we all took a nap and relaxed as we waited for them to come home from work.  We hung out, got pizza delivered, and just got caught up with each other’s lives and reminisced the “good ol’ days.”
Who says you can’t enjoy travel with kids?  Based on his reactions, he had just as much fun exploring as we did!
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