Pursuit of a Full Life

My husband posted something really sweet about me last night. He took a photo of me working out and basically exclaimed how I’m supermom. I was really humbled to have him praise me like that in front of his friends and family (eg Facebook).

I have to add though, I only strive to be “supermom” because of him and my son. They are wonderful people who light up my life, and I feel like they deserve the best from me.

One time during a work meeting, the get-to-know-you question was “if you were a warning label, what would your label say?”  Some people had funny ones like “Add coffee” or “Caution: Hot.”  Me, on the other hand, said “Under Construction.”
I think no matter how good life gets and how perfectly all of the puzzle pieces fit, there’s always room to improve. So set new goals, do what it takes to get there, and grow. Edit your life constantly to take you to new heights. Edit edit edit. We shouldn’t be afraid to edit.  Always be Under Construction, because if you aren’t, what’s the point of all of this?  I have to remind myself of this too.
I’m sure most of us have heard the news about President Jimmy Carter. He’s been  reported as very calm and collected about the entire situation. He’s also stated that he is okay because he has lived a full life. At the end of the day, I try to be supermom because I want that. I want to say I’ve lived a full life when my life dwindles down. I want to give the best to my family and absorb all of life’s beautiful little moments (Seriously though, I can’t absorb great moments with a messy house.  Who can live like that?)
Anyway, my husband and I had a sweet night together.  The house was cleaned, and we decided to make it a movie night.  We put our baby to bed, and it was just us snuggled on the couch with some guilt-inducing snacks and a movie.  It was everything.  I don’t know why we didn’t do this sooner.
My universe.  Self-timer photos crack me up.
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