Reflections at 30

One of the big reasons I wanted to get back to blogging was to complete a “30 things to do before I turn 30” list.  It kind of died out once I found out I was pregnant, but it’s been fun being able to look back and read the posts I shared while I was pregnant and the funny tidbits afterwards.

Now that I’m already 30… what’s next?  I have no intention of turning this into a “mommy blog.”  I drifted in that direction what with my world now revolving around this tiny human, but I just want to write and record.  This is my space – my space to share, to dream, to recollect.  I still want to focus on the things that keep me thriving – travel, food and love – but I want to do it with intention.  There is something about being a mother now that has made me feel more… oh, I don’t know… purposed?  I just like for everything to look and feel organized, because, well, everything in my head is just organized chaos now.  At least when I go to a space I can call my own, I’ll feel a sense of calm.

I’m finding myself wanting to do a lot of cleansing lately.  The house, my wardrobe, pretty much everything – I am looking at everything in a more minimalist perspective.  I don’t know if that has to do with being 30 or being a mother, but it definitely has to do with some growth.  I want to live more intentionally and surround myself with things that truly bring me joy.  I used to be okay with some clutter, but now it’s become difficult to handle.

A big part of clutter that I’ve noticed is my life on the internet.  Comparison truly is the thief of joy, and it’s easy to get trapped in comparing when you’re on social media.  With so many different accounts online, it can lend to so many unwarranted emotions… and it can be draining.  I’ve been taking the time to evaluate who I want to see online these days as I’ve followed a superfluous amount of people who are not actively part of my real life.  I try to keep those around that bring me joy and inspiration.  Of course, it’s nothing personal.  My hours in a day are even more limited now, and I want to create a space I love.

I guess, in a weird way, sometimes these sites help with my growth.  It gives me opportunities to reflect and see where I need/want to be.  I want to learn to be my strongest self so that I can teach my children to be their strongest selves, and I believe reflection is an important part of that.  It was hard enough as it was when we grew up; I’m glad I get to recognize now what a monster the internet has let out to help prepare my kids on what to expect.

Sometimes I debate if I should even follow people I know in real life.  If I don’t have the false impression that I’ve been keeping up with them (which we know is so easy to do with social media), perhaps I would be inclined to connect with them in real life more often.  I’m still evaluating that thought for its pros and cons.

As far as turning 30, I feel great!  I feel like my life is exactly (actually even better) than I imagined it to be when I used to imagine my life at 30.  I’m happy.  I’m at peace.  I’m healthy.

I kept the celebration very low key as I just celebrated with my husband and son.  After going back to work, I feel like I’m just happiest when I get to spend quality time with them.  It’s hard to find the time now.  I actually took a vacation day just to make sure this happened.  We went to Greystone Mansion where I got to take some great photos, lunch at Milo & Olive which was garlic central, and dessert at Sweet Rose Creamery which is one of my favorite local ice cream shops.

Anywho, I definitely went off on a tangent.  Feet on the ground and head in the clouds, right?

I’m 30!  Thirty, thankful, and thriving.

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