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10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas Under $30 For The Traveller in Your Life

The holiday season is kicking into full gear, and I know a lot of us have gift-giving on the brain. Do you in particular have someone you need to gift for that looooves to travel? ¬†I have a fun list here of stocking stuffers (all under $30!) that may help you out ūüôā

I always love getting practical things, so I’ve compiled some fun and useful items that add character to a traveler’s gear but also have purpose and longevity. ¬†Also, most of the items listed here are from small businesses as I personally enjoy supporting them. ¬†More often than not, small businesses are run by fellow moms and dads and the thought of supporting them to help them care for the family (while also getting something made with love for me!) is always a good thing.


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With luggage being one of a traveller’s best accessories, help your friends give it some class with these beautifully crafted wooden luggage tags. ¬†They have a unique design and will help luggage stand out. ¬†Also, no more fuss with filling out the paper ones provided by the airline!
2. FitKit $29.99
Got a traveling friend that also loves to stay fit?  This FitKit is ideal for any fitness enthusiast on the go. It includes a resistance Tube with Cushioned Handles, Flat Resistance, Door Anchor, Exercise cards, Jump Rope and a Reflective Arm Band for outdoor exercise.

3. Travel Scratch Map $26.93

Back in the day, travelers would put pins on a map to note where they’ve visited. ¬†Now, you can make it a little more interactive by letting them scratch off the location they’ve been! ¬†This way it can easily be framed ūüėČ

How many times have you been out and about and you or someone you’re with asks if someone has a filer? Or a nail cutter? Or scissors? ¬†It’s pretty often! ¬†This set is small so it’s travel ready and includes two nail clippers, nail file, tweezers, scissors, and cuticle pusher all in a handy little case.

5. Photojojo Phone Lens $20.00
Know someone with an affinity for cameras and lenses? ¬†They can add a little flair to those travel photos with these tiny lenses that magnetically attach to the phone so they don’t have to carry their entire camera kit everywhere. ¬†You can achieve effects like fish eye, get a wide shot, and even shoot some macro photos.

6. Fabric Cord Organizer $10.00
With technology being a necessity these days, a lot of us find cords and wires everywhere. ¬†These little guys help keep all of the cords organized so that they’re more compact and easy to locate. ¬†No need to waste time unraveling one cord from the others either! ¬†There’s also this cute fish one here.

7. Portable Clip-On LED Reading Light $16.95
Got a traveling friend who loves to read? ¬†This light can clip directly to the book so they don’t have to reach up to turn on the light in the plane or turn on a bright reading light in the room. ¬†It also recharges easily.

8. Personalized Travel Journal $10.91

Having a paper journal to look back on memories of a trip will never lose its value. ¬†These journals are small and simple so they’re not too bulky to carry around, and do just what it’s meant to do. ¬†It even has a small pocket inside to keep ticket stubs and other little memoirs.

9. Travel Adapter $25.00
Can it get any more compact? ¬†This is extremely handy for the international traveler who doesn’t already have their own adapters. ¬†This set is 4 plugs and 1 adapter allowing for it to be used in 150 countries.

10. Travel Games $9.95
Nothing like some good old fashioned games to help pass the time. ¬†If there’s no wifi or your battery dies, it’s always great to have something tangible handy like this tic-tac-toe game.

11. Infinity Travel Scarf $55.00
So, this is a bonus item on the list because it’s over $30, but I couldn’t leave it off after I found out about it. ¬†If you know someone traveling out of the country soon, this is extremely handy. ¬†This scarf has a secret zipper so you can safely stow away the important things like your passport or extra cash. ¬†This store has a great variety of prints too!
Happy gifting!!
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  • Reply Shelby

    Oh I love the idea of those little phone lenses!
    The Fernweh Wolf / Travel & Lifestyle Blog

    November 24, 2017 at 7:54 am
    • Reply Vy

      A fun way to get more creative photos while on the road!

      November 24, 2017 at 9:50 am
  • Reply Johanne Levinsky

    So many good ideas! I’ve always wanted a scratch map and travel journal, but for some reason I didn’t buy them yet. Also, love the wooden travel tag. So fancy!

    November 28, 2017 at 12:21 am
    • Reply Vy

      Such fun and useful items! We have a scratch map at home, and it’s definitely a treat to scratch off new countries. Great conversation starter when we have friends over too! ūüôā

      November 28, 2017 at 10:46 am

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